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Neo.DatabaseError.Statement.ExecutionFailed Neo.DatabaseError.Statement.ExecutionFailed: The shortest path algorithm does not work when the start and end nodes are the same. This can happen if you perform a shortestPath search after a cartesian product that might have the same start and end nodes for some of the rows passed to shortestPath. If you would rather not experience this exception, and can accept the possibility of missing results for those rows, disable this in the Neo4j configuration by setting cypher.forbid_shortestpath_common_nodes to false. If you cannot accept missing results, and really want the shortestPath between two common nodes, then re-write the query using a standard Cypher variable length pattern expression followed by ordering by path length and limiting to one result. 遇到上述错误,我找到数据库的Neo4j.conf文件,但里面没有’cypher.forbid_shortestpath_common_nodes‘这一句。第一次遇到这种问题,一直没有找到解决办法,请各位指点一下。谢谢!

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在 neo4j.conf 最后填上 cypher.forbid_shortestpath_common_nodes= false 试试

@pangguoming 不行啊,还是出现同样的错误。另外我想问一下neo4j.conf文件是创建图数据库后生成的还是安装Neo4j时生成的,我的neo4j安装目录下没有configs文件夹,也没有Plugins文件夹,也没有logs文件夹,这是怎么回事?

哪个版本? exe安装 还是 压缩包解压安装 ?

@pangguoming 这个问题解决了,我卸载了Neo4jDesckTop,重新安装了社区版3.5.6,压缩包解安装。谢谢!