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首先,确定你的邮箱国际化的支持!其次:请使用英语!!!(哈哈,开玩笑啦,进入正题!) 以下信息时neo4j对于价格和是否支持分布式存储的回复:

From: Brandon Richards Date: Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 2:32 PM Subject: FW: Contact Us Request: Zhou Mingzhen

Hi Zhou,

Thanks for reaching out. Let me first explain how our pricing works. Neo4j Enterprise is an annual subscription. The subscription includes: Production license (on a certain number of machines & cores) Test & development license (also on a certain number of machines & cores) Support (either Standard 10x5 or Premium 24x7)

Pricing depends on the number of machines and processing cores as well as the level of support. Bundles range from $36,000 USD/year to over $200,000 USD/year.

We also have a Startup Program for smaller companies (50 employees or less) that provides a significant discount or even no cost depending on the number of employees. Let me know if that applies to XX Technology.

If you tell me more about your specific use case and requirements, I can help determine more accurate pricing. Additionally, we do have partners / distributors in China. Let me know if you would like an introduction.

Regarding distributed systems, Neo4j does support a clustered environment for High Availability, horizontal scaling and having multiple datacenters for global projects, but it does not support sharding the database across multiple machines. The entire database should fit on each machine in the cluster. You may shard what portion of the database is in-memory, but that is the only sharding we do today.

Let me know if you would like to discuss or if you want an introduction to our partner in China.

Best regards,


Brandon Richards Sales Lead - Asia Pacific | Neo Technology +61 401 854 257 | Skype: brandon-neo4j image001.png

@stephen 我英文很low,可否归纳中心思想

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